Choosing Vehicle Upgrades

Find Your Dream Car: Four Ways To Tell If A Car Is ‘The One’

Buying a used car, like one from J & J Auto Sales, can be a great way to save money, especially since the resale value of a car begins to drop the moment a new car is driven off the lot. While you should be able to get a great deal by buying used instead of brand new, it is still important to look into how to best narrow down your options for cars. Read More 

Buying a Car at an Auction: You’re Not Done Yet

If you're about to buy a car at a public auction, you're excited, you're ready to get that car, and you're ready to driveā€”but wait. Just because you've managed to outbid everyone else doesn't mean the car is already registered, nor does it mean the car is even road worthy. Once you have reserved the car, you need to go through a series of procedures to actually get it and use it. Read More 

Selling A Used Car For The First Time? 6 Things To Do To Prepare For The Sale

If you are selling a used car for the first time, it can be hard to know where to start and what you should do to ensure that your vehicle sells quickly and that you get a fair price for it. Here are a six things you should do beforehand in order to ensure a swift and fair sale: #1 Give Yourself Time The first thing you should do is give yourself enough time to sell your vehicle, especially if you are looking to purchase a newer vehicle. Read More 

5 Types Of Construction Excavators

Excavators, also called diggers, are immensely powerful machines that can remove soil for a variety of purposes. Whether you're in the mining, road construction, or commercial building business, an excavator can be a key tool to help you get more done in less time and accept contracts of a larger scale. Here are 5 types of construction excavators: Backhoe This is the most common excavator in current use. The backhoe excavator uses a bucket (hoe) which is turned toward the operator. Read More 

Three Great Aftermarket Options For Your Used Car

When you are looking at buying a used car, one of the biggest concerns that most people have is that it won't be exactly what they want. While it is expensive to change things like the interior color, there are many other aftermarket additions that your dealer can install so that your car can be as good used as it would have been new. Here are some of the best options to add to your used car: Read More