3 Things You Need To Know About Purchasing A Car

Many people think that buying a car is an art. Although it may seem complicated to negotiate the best price for you, it is actually simpler than most people realize. The key is knowing what to do and not to do. By understanding a couple simple techniques you can get the car that you want for the price that you want. Here are a couple tips.

1. Try To Go In At The End Of Their Fiscal Month

One of the best ways to get the deal that you want is to go in during the end of their fiscal month. Most dealerships have a quota that they need to meet each month, or quarter, and if you can buy toward the end of these dates you can save a lot of money. A salesman is much more likely to make a deal with you at the end of the month than at the beginning.

You can generally track their fiscal months or quarters by watching sales and promotions. When a new sale starts this usually means a new cycle. Keep an eye out for when those deals are up, this will tell you when the month is over. You can also ask the salesman. They might be able to tell you.

2. Don't Act Desperate and Don't Tell Them Your Budget

When you get to the dealership you need to seem as though you are just looking and not like you have to get a car right then. If they know that you are desperate to get a car, they may not negotiate as much with you. This is why it is better to act as though it is no rush and that you have all the time to find the right car for the right price.

In addition, you should keep your budget to yourself. You can give them a number to give them an idea of how much you want to spend, but keep it on the lower end. If you let them know that you are willing to spend more, you might end up paying more.

3. Negotiate On Dealer Fees

When you get the final price of the car you might be wondering what things are negotiable and what things are solid. Usually the price of the car is set, but all the extra fees are negotiable. You should go through each fee and see what it is for. You can get out of some of the fees by declining services and so forth.

These are just a couple simple things you should do when purchasing a car. Contact a business, such as Hart Fullerton Leasing, for more information.