3 Things You Need To Know About Riding A Motorcycle

If you are a first-time motorcycle owner you might be excited about the prospect of riding out on the open road. Many people of all different backgrounds and demographics love riding motorcycles, which is why it is such a popular sport. However, before you start riding motorcycles it is important that you understand how to operate and safely use the motorcycle. Here are some tips for first-time owners. 1. Start Out Slow Read More 

What To Look For In A Snowmobile Trailer

Unless you live out in the woods or on the mountain, chances are you will need to haul your snowmobile to the back country for a day exploring the winter woods. For this you will need to purchase the right trailer. The following are a few things that the ideal trailer should offer. Go enclosed An enclosed trailer is the best option for small recreational vehicles like snowmobiles. First and foremost, the trailer provides optimal storage for when you aren't using them, since it's the same as providing garage parking to protect the snowmobiles from the weather. Read More 

Utility Trailer Tips For First Time Renters

Renting a trailer, whether for a move or to tow a car, can be a cost effective alternative to paying professional movers or buying a trailer outright. While the process of renting is relatively straight forward, there are some things you need to know if you have never hauled a trailer before. The following tips will help you do it like a pro. Tip #1: Know your towing capacity The actual towing capacity of your vehicle and hitch setup can be tricky to determine if you don't know where to look. Read More 

Ford Recalls Two Models For Seat Problems: How Your Local Ford Dealer Can Help

At the end of June, 2016, Ford Motor Company recalled two of their 2016 models for seat problems. The 2016 Ford Explorer and F-150 were subjects of the recall. The text of the recall states that the driver's seat in each of these vehicles may have been improperly welded at the factory during the time of assembly. As a result of this improper weld, the seat may fail during regular operation or during a crash and not restrain the driver properly. Read More 

Use These Tips When You Need A Used Bus For Your Church

If you coordinate trips on a regular basis for various church groups, you know how hard it can be to arrange transportation for everyone. Buying a used bus or coach can be one way to ensure that everyone arrives at events together and on time, and it can help everyone save money on fuel costs as well. However, if you haven't ever bought a bus before, you may not know what you should be focusing on as you shop. Read More