What To Look For In A Snowmobile Trailer

Unless you live out in the woods or on the mountain, chances are you will need to haul your snowmobile to the back country for a day exploring the winter woods. For this you will need to purchase the right trailer. The following are a few things that the ideal trailer should offer.

Go enclosed

An enclosed trailer is the best option for small recreational vehicles like snowmobiles. First and foremost, the trailer provides optimal storage for when you aren't using them, since it's the same as providing garage parking to protect the snowmobiles from the weather. There's also the benefit of more security since your snowmobiles will stay locked up when you are traveling and need to park unattended. Finally, you have the ability to store other gear safely in the protection of the trailer when you travel. This means that you can even install a small drop down bench inside so you have a warm place to change out of wet winter gear before driving home.

Choose aluminum decking

There are three main choices for decking—aluminum, steel, and wood. When it comes to snowmobiles, aluminum is king. Not only is it a lighter material, which places less weight and stress on your truck, it's also resistant to most damage. Steel can rust easily, especially from the water and occasional road salts a snowmobile can track in. Aluminum is naturally rust and corrosion resistant. Wood, on the other hand, is prone to rotting if it spends a lot of time wet, which is a high possibility when you are hauling a snow vehicle.

Get a drop down ramp

A few options exist when it comes to loading the snowmobile. The rear of a tilt trailer tilts down so you can drive right in, but this can be a hassle if you are storing other things in the trailer since they will also shift downward. You can also get removable ramps that store inside or beneath the trailer, but you will need to place and lock them in place each time you use them. The most ideal option is the drop down ramp. This is simply the back door of the trailer, which is hinged on the bottom so it opens downward to do double duty as the ramp. It's quick and easy, plus you can even get a motorized version if the weight of the door is too much to handle manually.

For more information, contact a trailer dealer, such as Ace Trailer Sales, in your area.