Weekend Adventurers May Appreciate A Used SUV’s Capabilities

Once you discover a new hobby, you may wish to purchase a vehicle that supports your activities. For those who enjoy off-road excursions to go camping or fishing, an SUV might be preferable to a sedan or compact car. An SUV, however, may not be the best choice for daily commuting. A solution exists, as a buyer could purchase a less-costly used SUV for weekend driving. The buyer does need to make a careful decision when purchasing the pre-owned SUV. The buyer could benefit from taking extra steps to match the right SUV to the "adventure's needs."

Towing, Hauling, and Engine Power

Looking at price and mileage makes sense when shopping for used cars. So does checking out the features to ensure the model delivers on performance expectations. For example, one SUV could come with a turbocharged engine, while another might present a less powerful one. If you intend to pack the cargo area with a significant amount of gear and plan to haul a camping trailer, the engine will carry substantial weight. Going with a more powerful engine may be a better idea since a turbocharged engine might provide greater towing and hauling capacity. If you don't intend to carry so much weight, then a "standard" engine could do the job.

Going Off the Beaten Path

Wilderness adventures could involve making a turn off the main road and traveling on dirt or rocky roads. An SUV model that can shift from front-wheel-drive to all-wheel-drive might be the right choice for such travels. And does the SUV have extra clearance to deal with any obstruction in the road? Anyone intended to travel off the proverbial beaten path might want to check the SUV's off-road features and capabilities. Match the right vehicle for your intentions.

Sizing Up the SUV

An SUV presents a significantly larger vehicle than a sedan or similar model. Drivers who operated smaller cars their entire life may not be sure about driving such a larger vehicle. Perhaps going with a subcompact SUV or minivan would work. While much larger than a hatchback, these models are decidedly smaller than a mid or full-sized SUV. They could prove less challenging to handle. Double-check the features and specs on the model, though. The smaller SUV must still deliver on expectations and requirements for passenger and cargo capabilities.

Take your time to figure out what SUV would be best for weekend adventures. A top car dealership could provide an ample number of choices.