3 Insane Features To Look For In Your Brand New Toyota Truck

There is just so much that a pickup truck has to offer that you cannot get from a regular vehicle, and this is especially true with trucks bearing the Toyota name. For a long time, Toyota has been well known in the automobile industry for building vehicles that are a step above the rest in power and reliability. However, the newest models even go the extra mile with some insanely cool features. If you are in the market for a new pickup truck, make sure you check out some of the latest features you may be able to find integrated with Toyota models, such as:

Bed Security Features 

One of the greatest advantages of a pickup truck is its ability to haul things. However, most trucks just give you the space for hauling and not the security to keep the items in place and not shifting about while you drive. Some of the latest Toyota pickup trucks have an integrated bed security features that offer adjustable trail clasps along the bed of the truck so you can secure items in place and keep them from moving around. This allows you to secure everything from an upright bicycle to larger items like lumber or building materials.

Action Camera Mounts 

If you are all about capturing video when you are on an off-road adventure and are shopping for a four-wheel-drive truck, be on the lookout for one of the newest implementations: a camera mount. Some Toyota trucks for sale actually have an external camera mount for things like a GoPro camera. This innovative feature is mounted inside of the windshield usually near the rearview mirror, so it is convenient to use and still out of your line of sight. But this is also the perfect position to capture every action that plays out ahead of you, whether you are traveling through a city street or an off-beaten trail.

Multi-Terrain Selection

Imagine a pickup truck that allows you to adjust the wheel rotation, transmission, and engine RPMs according to the terrain you are driving on. This is exactly what some of the newest truck models can do with an onboard multi-terrain selection system. With this feature, you eliminate the guesswork from how to handle different terrains on your own because the truck knows just how to react on its own. All you have to do is push a button to select the type of terrain you are facing.