Three Great Aftermarket Options For Your Used Car

When you are looking at buying a used car, one of the biggest concerns that most people have is that it won't be exactly what they want. While it is expensive to change things like the interior color, there are many other aftermarket additions that your dealer can install so that your car can be as good used as it would have been new. Here are some of the best options to add to your used car:

Bluetooth Audio

While most new cars come with Bluetooth audio preinstalled, it is rare in older vehicles. Even cars equipped with a Bluetooth hands free option may not have the newest protocol, Bluetooth 4.0. This is the protocol that gives you full control over all the audio functions on your phone. Fortunately, your dealer can install a system that integrates with your car and allows you to use your phone to its full potential.


One of the best kept secrets of aftermarket work is the sunroof. Your dealer can retrofit your roof to accommodate a sunroof by cutting a hole in the exterior and adding a new interior roof. This will allow your sunroof to be a retractable sunroof instead of just a pane of glass in your ceiling. Additionally, they can install a control panel in your roofline that will blend in with your existing interior. This will help keep the inside of your car looking uniform and nice so that you can enjoy your car while you have it and not have to worry about a negative effect on your car's resale value.

Power Seats

Power seats are an extremely convenient add-on. While most cars have at least a rudimentary power seat option, you can get a far more robust power seat through an aftermarket addition. This will give you the option for lumbar control and 8 way seat controls. Additionally, you can add heating elements to your seats so that you will be comfortable during the cold winter months. These controls will typically be integrated into your seat to prevent undue labor and drilling on your car's interior.

There are additional aftermarket options that you can add like tinted windows, a better stereo, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Buying used can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your car. As a result, you can put some money into some nice upgrades that you may not be able to get even in a comparable new vehicle. 

Visit a local Toyota dealer or similar dealership to learn more.